Super Senses (reviewed by Niamh W)

Name of Book: Super Senses

Author: Anita Ganeri

Reviewer: Niamh W

This book has really funny science facts in it to help the reader to understand the senses; touching, smelling, seeing, hearing, and tasting.

The language used in this book is aimed at 10 and under, and I would think it is suitable for Year 6 and down. The images used help the reader to understand the points made. If you read a bit of the book and you don’t really understand what it meant it would show you a close up picture so that you knew what it looked like.  It would also show you examples of the senses in other animals so you get a bit more information and it’s very interesting.

The book has a glossary at the back which is very helpful if you don’t understand some of the words and an index to help you find your place.

I would recommend this book to children aged between 11 and 8.


Niamh W is a pupil at Irchester Community Primary School in Northamptonshire. The school is home to Lab 13, a space where young people can explore and their curiosity can be let loose. It’s entirely managed by young people, along with an inventor, engineer or scientist in residence. The idea of Lab 13 is based on the world famous Room 13 art studio in Fort William, Scotland.